Real Housewives of Orange County

Balls Voyage to the Peanut Gallery

The show starts with Shannon breathing heavily. Really heavy.She makes it clear how out of shape she is by huffing and puffing on her Peloton, which she hates. I’m sure David spent a pretty penny on that.

She swears she will never ever ever like exercise. Shannon, please watch this Ted Talk.

Vicky visits Kelly after her boob reduction, and tells her she looks amazing, Side note: she knows Kelly will not remember anything – and she encourages her to keep up the painkillers.

Kelly: “I don’t know if I’m seeing Vicki or if I’m seeing Jesus, but I’m feeling goooood.”

Did you know that flared shorts are coming back into style?

Shannon visits Kelly because “she has shown remorse.” And Vicki never has.

Flashback to Shannon and Lydia and her basically giving a “talk to the hand” motion, saying “I’m done with you.”

From Lydia’s blog:

Shannon loves a scene. Even at the farmhouse dinner with the girls she says “I don’t like drama.” And then her next breath she starts a confrontation with Peggy!!!

She says one thing and does another so why would I trust her when she says she wasn’t squeezing legs about me and not trying to cause a scene…I agree with Meghan and Tamra, the whole thing is dumb.

I have never engaged with a grown woman in such juvenile behavior.

Shannon, LET. IT. GO. Not everyone is going to approach you with kid gloves.

You are extra sensitive right now, as Kelly says, because there’s built up frustration with your marriage. It happens. Kelly’s advice: “Don’t fracture all of the other relationships around you.”

Peggy teaches her daughter to make sarma, and says that all Armenians like to make it. Well, I’ve never seen the Kardashian clan make it, but I guess I believe you.

Also, sarmas look like blunts. And Peggy thinks that “Cheech and Chong” sounds Chinese. Ha!

“Dico needs to realized that our kids are growing up in America.” Oh and they all take the sarmas raw – aka “Armenian sushi.” Ew.

Both Kelly and her mom are shocked when Megan visits. But everything goes great – they are really two people who like each other. It’s obvious – they’re totes cool now. “We’re good; it’s a miracle.”

Lydia is adamant about throwing a party for Doug the night before his vasectomy – calling it a “balls voyage.”

Kelly meets Megan, Shannon, Peggy and Tamara for dinner.

Shannon is confused as to whether or not to order a drink – ash she is on her “weight loss quest” – even though numerous flash backs show her ordering drinks and drinks and drinks.

Cancer-gate #2

So then the drama starts when Peggy says she had cancer. Or wait a minute, maybe not. She had abnormal cells. 3 millimeters of cancer. Not abnormal cells. Some people call that a lump. Not Peggy. It’s NOT a lump. It’s just 3 millimeters of cancer.

Tamra gets a call from Lydia, and she’s wondering why no one got the message that SHE is having a dinner tonight. Tamra: “Shannon did it! It wasn’t me!”

Earth to Shannon: You DID let Lydia know why you were upset. And you DO like to argue. You are comfortable there. Why do you have to be up in everybody’s business?

Oh wait, now it’s Peggy that was egging it on? Peggy was trying to be the “peanut gallery.” Not really. She wanted to calm everyone down. She’s new to this. She doesn’t know that hyping up the drama is what we want as fans. WE LOVE IT!!

Peanut gallery: A group of people whose opinions are considered unimportant

Kelly is great at this. That’s why we all love her so much.

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