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Bethenny Criticizes Jules Wainstein’s Parenting

In her latest blog on BravoTV.com, Bethenny calls out new girl Jules about her parenting style.

She explicitly says she “disagrees with bribery” and she doesn’t “negotiate with terrorists.”

Could kids be considered terrorists?

Some would say yes – as they can be master manipulators.

Bethenny goes on to say “sticking to your guns works” – where are all these war references coming from?

From Bethenny’s blog on BravoTV.com:

“As far as Jules’ philosophy on parenting, I respectfully disagree with bribery being the best tactic to get what you want and that positive reinforcement does not work.

I don’t negotiate with terrorists, and I have found that no really meaning no and sticking to your guns works, positive reinforcement affects their future actions. There is no perfect parent nor no perfect child. That’s just one mother’s perspective.”

Now we know here at RHB that Bethenny loves to stir the pot. It’s her trademark, like she can’t help herself. She makes T-shirts about it, and we love every minute of it.

Even Jules states in her blog:

“I was excited to meet the infamous Bethenny … usually when I meet someone for the first time I like to get to know them.

It seems like Bethenny likes to figure out which label fits best…not just with me but clearly with Dorinda, as well, and I feel this may be a reoccurring theme.”

We also know that deep down, Bethenny is more namaste than nasty.


A family that namastes together stays together #downwarddog @cookiedabooboo

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Jules – you sound nice. We hope you have thick skin.

Stirring the pot is the reason we watch, so keep it up B. Bring the drama!

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